Diana Willment (1936-2012)

Diana grew up in North Finchley with her brother Geoffrey and went to school at Henrietta Barnett.

She took A-levels at Hendon Technical College in pure mathematics chemistry and physics and studied at Regent Street Polytechnic gaining a degree in pure mathematics, applied mathematics and physics.

She worked for a time at the General Electric Company Research Centre, before becoming a teacher at Minchenden School Southgate.

Her career continued as a Mathematics Lecturer at Maria Grey College which subsequently became the West London Institute of Higher Education.

As a girl she joined the Guides, then the YHA and the Rockhopper mountaineering group.

She travelled far and wide walking and climbing and pursuing her interest in botany, industrial archaeology , music, sailing and skiing.

She took a keen interest in local history and wrote several books, the latest being about Brentford Dock and Railway.

Above all she was a good friend and paid attention to her friendships. She coped with her final illness with the great courage one would expect from her.

She will be very much missed by all of us.